We help business executives and entrepreneurs to invent, deploy and transition to sustainable business models that create lasting positive impacts.


  • Review business activities and operations to define the externalities and impact at a project level.
  • Work with all stakeholders including the CSR and Finance department to define the right impact metrics to measure those activities and lead programs to deploy those metrics


  • Co-create, co-build and drive entre & intrapreneurship programs based on Impact and Sustainability.
  • Catalyze the right ecosystem (startups, innovators, academics and partners) to solve pressing business challenges and transition to more sustainable business models.
  • Support to grow your ESG or Impact business sustainably by securing new investments, secure new customers, hire the right talents or expand internationally.


  • Design and co-create internal programs with BEYOND experts and network to improve internal sustainability (burn-out prevention workshop, waste management, creativity workshops closer to nature, storytelling…) and external communication increasing the brand value as well as talent acquisition and retention.
  • Supports to adapt business processes and align employees’ skills and purpos: this results in maximizing engagement, positive productivity while preserving the needed health and personal balance.