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Our team is made up of experienced, dedicated and smiling consultants and entrepreneurs.

Each employee, with rare and valuable qualities, contributes to the development of our company and its customers.

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Our Clients

Our Clients are corporate executives and visionary entrepreneurs building activities with a positive impact on humans and nature. 

They are deeply conscious of the need to transition to a new economy and we help them transform it into reality and action. 

We work with multinationals, SMEs, ETI, Industry Associations, Investors, Foundations and Startups. 

Our Partners

We support and looking at being part of the ecosystem with

Boutique Services - Beyond Human Sustainability

As we bring leaders, managers and executives through the implementation of sustainable business practices, it is important to provide solutions for those leaders to be balanced as human beings.

We are working with a list of carefully curated experts that offer bespoke programmes in executive, professional and personal development and transformation including burnout and stress management.

It focuses on a holistic, balanced approach to achieve professional and personal excellence and sustainability.

Our Programmes are offered to



They are led through online sessions and when possible in Nature in
Beyond locations

Papigo (Greece), Burgundy and French Riviera

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

-Victor Hugo