Our Services

Our objectives are to: 

Cut through the noise of the complex ecosystems, 
Train your teams to the best practices of how to measure and value Impact of your activities
Simplify complexity, define structures and determine systems for redesigning your dashboard into the future.
Selecting the best approach and processes, we collaborate and implement solutions with your teams.

Let's work together

Our Process

Together we’ll produce a clearly-defined, transparent impact structure that can be implemented seamlessly throughout the organisation.


Purpose &

Designed to navigate the complexities of the different impact ecosystems and learn how to apply sustainability and impact concepts at the core of your businesses.



We make Impact easier to measure, value & understand by producing Impact Dashboards, that are relevant to your customers, your employees, and your investors, directly linked to profits.



Our goal is to help you frame the right policies to balance long term impacts with short term results.


& Stakeholders

We help you to stimulate and motivate all your stakeholders to reach your new objectives and move towards a more innovative and responsible business model.

What you will get

An Impact Management Dashboard

A list of Indicators with the associated metrics

A set of key scientific articles and research backing the choice of metrics

An infographic outlining the main impacts and their links to the SDGs and international frameworks

Our Tools

The interconnections and areas of Impact can seem complex and confusing

400+ metrics/

Circular Economy


Impact Measurement

200+ frameworks

BEYOND smart
are able to
simplify this

Customised Services -
Beyond Human Sustainability

As we bring leaders, managers and executives through the implementation of sustainable business practices, a key element to this includes resources and solutions to allow for an increase in the life balance of these individuals, interwoven through business and personal aspects.

We work with a list of experts to offer tailor-made programmes in executive, professional and personal development. Included in mapping out pathways to transformation are aspects such as addressing burnout and improving stress management.

Our services focus on an holistic and balanced approach to professional, personal and sustainable life. Our aims are towards achieving best outcomes in the advancements of this triad.

Our Programmes are offered to Teams or Individuals. They are led through online sessions and when possible, within rural settings and environments immersed in nature in Beyond locations: French Riviera, Burgundy and Papigo (Greece).

“There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery.”

-Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize and Physicist