Measure what Matters, Value your Impact

Our objectives are to : 
Cut Through the Noise of The Complex Ecosystems, 
Choose The Right Frameworks And Tools, Collaborate with Your Teams, while offering Managers and Executives a Simple and transparent Impact Framework that the entire organization can utilise Transparently.

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Our Services

Impact Measurement  

Impact Measurement is critical to properly assess your positive and negative impacts across your value chain.

Our work always starts by aligning your purpose with your operational and business value chain. 

Leveraging collective intelligence and our proprietary databases we identify the impact categories by linking your activities in a bottom-up way into international frameworks such as:

Finally we identify and co-design the right indicators linked to measurable, transparent and evidence based metrics

We make Impact easier to measure, value & understand by producing Impact Dashboards directly linked to profits.

Impact Management  

The Impact Management phase consists in integrating the impact dashboard within your organization through a selected project, a selected business unit or company wide. At this stage we identify the solutions required to measure your impacts and integrate the new metrics and learnings in your business model.

We introduce you to international experts, innovators and doers in the Beyond network to help maximise your positive impacts while minimizing your negative impacts.

Our goal is to help you frame the right policies to balance long term impacts with short term results.

Our work is based on the 3P's
People, Planet, Profit

Ecosystem and Stakeholders

After determining the right indicators, measuring your impacts and establishing a strategy to increase positive impacts, we support you in driving innovation with your stakeholders by leveraging ‘Impact’ projects.

We identify the right solutions to implement and we guide you to find suitable partners who share the same purpose as yours.

In this part of the process, we work together to create your ecosystem, made of your employees, your partners and committed stakeholders. 

We help you to stimulate and motivate them to reach your new objectives and move towards a more innovative and responsible business model.


Beyond Academy provides executives with high quality courses on sustainability topics.

Our classes are designed to navigate the complexities of the difference impact ecosystem and learn how to apply sustainability and impact concepts in your core businesses.
Circular Economy
Sustainability Best Practices
Valuing Impacts with Finance
Culture and Purpose

Our tools ?

The ecosystem of Impact is complicated to understand

BEYOND smart databases make it simple

What you will get?

An Impact Management Dashboard

A list of Indicators with the associated metrics

A set of key scientific articles and research backing the choice of metrics

An infographic outlining the main impacts and their links to the SDGs and international frameworks

“There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery.”

-Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize and Physicist