BEYOND 5R Framework

BEYOND 5-R is a simple framework that follows our Theory of Change that enables companies to classify their project's according to 5 dimensions. Those 5 dimensions validate the projects impact categories, the relevant indicators and ensure sound long term positive impacts and returns.

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1. Reduce
Reduce the direct and indirect planetary footprint (water, soil, waste…) due mostly to overconsumption, linked to CO2, GHG release, plastic pollution and more. 

2. Regenerate
The Regenerate pillar includes all impacts and helps companies move to positive impacts on the climate and more overall planet.

3. Resilient
Properly use innovation to adapt the current infrastructure and network to the changes that we can’t avoid.

4. Reassure
Include citizens, customers and all stakeholders in a fair transition .

5. Returns
Embed purpose within innovation and ensure the activity is profitable and the positive impact scalable.