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Press Release - October 2021

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) and Beyond Builders expand their partnership to assess, measure and enhance the impacts of CDL Climate Stream venturesAn assessment methodology has been developed and deployed for the new 2022/23 program year that starts on October 12th with HEC Paris; an indicator dashboard will be tested during the year.

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Monitoring Circularity Performance for Enhancing Environmental and Economic Sustainability

In this article Michael Saidani, whose research work deals with the circular economy and its implementation in industrial practices, questions circularity and the cost and energy associated. This reflection broadens the way circularity can be considered in our economy and leads us to reflect on it.

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State of our world: some facts — Part 2

If you haven’t read the first part of this article yet, you should! We focused on air pollution, plastic pollution, marine pollution and biodiversity.As a reminder, the purpose of this article is to bring together all these facts into one consolidated list, grouped into categories. Enjoy!

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State of our world: some facts — Part 1

Over the years we’ve witnessed countless disastrous events; far-reaching events that negatively impact the very fabric of society, our way of life, well-being, and the planet itself.

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